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Festive season books – Part 2

The second installment in the recap series featuring some of the books discussed on the blog in 2020. Actress Actress is Irish author Anne Enright’s latest novel and tells the story of

festive season

Festive season TV – Part 1

This installment in the festive season series takes a look back at some of the TV featured on the blog this year. High Fidelity Vintage black coat, Levi’s 501s, pattern shirts and

Film + TV

The Crown

How do we watch The Crown?

What is The Crown and how are we to understand it? Does The Crown have a responsibility to be historically accurate, given that it is a historical drama? Are we



Hot flush fiction

It’s not just TV shows like Fleabag where women are finally breaking the silent code around menopause. In books and films women are dishing on the joys and challenges of

Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith on the craft of writing

Zadie Smith, giving a lecture on the craft of writing, admitted that despite being an award-winning author with a multitude of acclaimed books to her name, she feels uniquely unqualified