A look at Disney+ and AppleTV+, plus Topic and AcornTV


This week’s post takes a look at the two new kids on the streaming block, Disney+ and Apple TV+, plus film and doco streaming site, Topic, and Brit TV specialist, AcornTV. Wow, that's a whole lot of pluses for one post. Launched in Australia in the last couple of weeks, Disney

The Crown, plus a trip through dystopian drama

The Crown Season 3

This week’s post takes a look at three different shows on screens right now, from two very different dystopian dramas, Years and Years and Black Mirror, to the popular, historical series The Crown. First up, is the English series Years and Years, which has just come to SBS On Demand

An inconvenient post about the climate emergency

As fires burn across Australia this week, imperilling life, animals and natural habitat, and with more declared catastrophic than at any previous recorded time, the Broad is devoting this week’s post to the climate emergency. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, some books, plus a couple of docos, and

Meet comedian Jackie Loeb

Jackie Loeb

Jackie Loeb didn't choose to be a comedian. It chose her and she tells Some Notes From A Broad that she couldn't be anything else. I have always been a performer. In my formative years I mightn’t have had a real understanding of what that entailed but I was always

Books, TV, Movies and More: November 2019

Watch TV series and books to read

It’s November already. Can you believe it?  We returned home in March after living in the UK in 2018 and the months have just flown by since that first morning we set foot back onto Australian ground into the fog of humidity.  It feels like that scene in the movies when the