Women War Correspondents on Screen and in Print

Women war correspondents is the theme of this week’s post as the Broad takes a look some films and books on these brave, often trailblazing, women reporting from the front lines. It’s by no means exhaustive - more like a brief tour through the topic in recent popular culture. It’s no

Cornelia Parker at the MCA, Sydney


This week the Broad and a Broadfriend went along to the Cornelia Parker exhibition on at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Cornelia Parker, born 1956 in Cheshire, is an acclaimed English artist who works in sculpture, installations, paper and photographs, and has been exhibiting since the 1980s. This exhibition

Digital Entertainment Trends for 2020

Woman with VR

Could VR finally come to your living room this year? Who doesn’t like a bit of new year forecasting? In her day job, the Broad writes about marketing, tech and digital lifestyle and came across an interesting article on tech trends for 2020 recently. It comes from the US Consumer