In Praise of Slacker Chicks on Screen

In a week when the brilliant ‘How To Be A Lady’ video, narrated by former Sex and the City actress and New York mayoral candidate, Cynthia Nixon, went viral, this post is celebrating slacker chicks on screen. Why? Because they give the middle finger to plenty of the ‘rules’ about

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If you’re reading this post, then hopefully it means you’ve got an interest in arts and culture, with a dash of feminism and a twist of digital. Now the Broad wouldn’t want to encourage you to go elsewhere for your news and views (or fill up your inbox any further),

And the award goes to…

Bat Girl

The Oscar awards in the US this week followed the Bafta awards in London a couple of weeks ago and, amid the dress reviews, speeches, dud jokes and bad comedy routines, there was something else going on. The discussion about diversity, or lack of diversity, in the films and filmmakers