3 Scandi films to watch now

If you like a bit of Scandi TV, then the Broad highly recommends delving into some films of the Nordic and Scandi variety.

Scandi Noir has been having something of a moment, although it has to be said that its moment has lasted for quite a few years. It was largely kicked off with Danish series The Killing, which featured the charismatic Sofie Grabol as Sarah Lund and her iconic Fair Isle jumpers.

There’s no shortage of Scandi and Nordic TV series, covering murder investigations, political machinations, terrorist events, crime, corruption, scandals and more. So iconic is this genre of TV, it’s become it’s very own category on some streaming platforms.

So here’s a small selection of films that have been enjoyed lately at Chez Broad.

Breaking Surface

Breaking Surface is a gripping tale about two sisters who embark on a scuba dive together when something goes wrong and one of the sisters becomes trapped under water. Against the backdrop of a childhood swimming incident, one sister has to undertake a frantic rescue mission about and below the water as time and air runs down. It’s a snow-set, water-filled intense drama about trying to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, sisterly bonds and trying to prevent being overcome by panic.

The Wave

Keeping with the theme of overcoming nightmare situations, The Wave is a Nordic film that centres on a family caught in the fjord Geiranger collapses after a mudslide triggering a massive tsunami. Another intense drama, the film captures the geologists who start to record the movement through the round-the-clock monitoring that has the town ready to move when the siren is triggered. It’s another hold-your-breath experience as the family and the towns people take flight from the huge wave and then try to escape from the wreckage.

Another Round

If you need to lighten the mood from the life-threatening drama and destruction, this dark comedy could by just the tonic. Another Round is a Nordic film about four high school teachers who embark on an experiment inspired by a theory that drinking small amount of alcohol all day to keep the body at .05% BAR is keeping the body in its natural state. Not surprisingly, the experiment leads to some problematic situations, particularly as the four push their BAR higher to see if it leads to living in a heightened state.

Still looking for other suggestions?

Also worth a mention is A Hijacking, a Danish film based on actual events when cargo ship MV Rozen was hijacked by Somali pirates that depicts the drama between the shipping company’s CEO and the pirates. And for something more uplifting, try Feel the Beat, a Swedish film about finding love and passion after tragedy.

Image: Efraimstochter/Pixabay

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