The new book on the art of the Spinifex people

Artworks from Sun & Shadow

As we approach the referendum for the Voice to Parliament in Australia, a new book on the Indigenous artists known as the Spinifex people reminds us of the way painting helped give them a voice 25 years ago in their Native Title battle. John Carty and Luke Scholes, editors of the

1001 Remarkable Objects exhibition

Vivienne Westwood blue high heel shoe

1001 Remarkable Objects at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney is an unusual exhibition. It’s a remarkable curation of some of interesting, original and culturally significant objects. While most exhibitions typically feature around 100 or so objects, this one is exponentially more ambitious, coming in at 1001 separate exhibits. There are popular iconic

Are TV reboots doomed to fail?

TV reboots face a huge challenge in adapting to changed times while keeping to the essence of the original. So are they destined to flop? We’re not often granted second chances in life. An opportunity for a re do or a re run is like an unfulfilled wish, a yearning that

Novelist Alle C. Hall on her first novel

Alle C. Hall, writer and first reader at Creative Nonfiction magazine, recently published her first novel, As Far as You Can Go Before You Have to Come Back. It’s the story of Carlie, a young woman who travels through Asia on a journey of abandon and escape. Ultimately a story

The forgotten women of Australian vaudeville

My Giddy Aunt, a new book by documentary filmmaker Sharon Connolly, shines a light on the forgotten women of Australia’s vaudeville past. The television producer and former chief executive of Film Australia, Sharon Connolly has been involved in making many landmark history series, films. Like her documentary Red Matildas she writes