What’s your guilty pleasure TV?

What are your guilty pleasure TV shows? Or are you hate-watching TV, watching a show you don't always like, but can't seem to turn off. The Broad usually like to be evenhanded when it comes to reviewing TV, films and books. Typically only the shows and books worth recommending get

What to watch, read and listen to in February

The monthly round-up of TV, film, book and article recommendations that includes Spanish Princess, Love, Nina, Sir, Loud and You Don’t Belong Here. A Note on TV Spanish Princess Two new TV series to talk about this month, both set in England, although worlds apart in time and topic. We know a lot

5 digital trends for 2021

The digital trends we’re likely to see in 2021, from 8K TV and digital reality in work and study to video doctor consults and smart devices. It wouldn’t be a new year without a predictions post, so here goes with a bunch of predictions for the way digital and the internet

Festive season TV – Part 2

The final installment in the wrap-up of 2020 TV series. Pros and Cons The first TV series to recommend this month is the Danish series Pros and Cons. Think: Breaking Bad meets The Americans. The story revolves around a married couple, Erik and Nina, one-time con artists, who have given the

Festive season books – Part 2

The second installment in the recap series featuring some of the books discussed on the blog in 2020. Actress Actress is Irish author Anne Enright’s latest novel and tells the story of Katherine O’Dell by her daughter Norah, her life on the stage across continents and her relationships in her life, and

Festive season TV – Part 1

festive season

This installment in the festive season series takes a look back at some of the TV featured on the blog this year. High Fidelity Vintage black coat, Levi’s 501s, pattern shirts and boots. The 90s inspired style tells its own story in this updated version of High Fidelity as record store owner

Festive season books – part 1

This is the first of the festive season series that takes a look back at some of the books featured on the blog this year. Olive, again Olive, Again is Elizabeth Strout’s latest installment in her story of Olive Kitteridge, the retired maths teacher with a sharp wit and an even sharper

What to watch, read and listen to in December

christmas socks

This is the December monthly round-up of TV, film, book and podcast recommendations. With a few weeks until Christmas and everyone busy with all the end-of-year deadlines and arrangements, there’s just a few suggestions this week. Don't forget the Broad's art-inspried gift guide if you're looking for present ideas. And with

Art-inspired Gift Guide

christmas gift guide

An art-inspired gift guide to bring a little colour, creativity and inspiration to your Christmas gift giving. Can you believe it’s the last month of the year? I think a lot of us will breathe a huge sigh of relief when the curtain closes on 2020. And with such positive developments

How do we watch The Crown?

The Crown

What is The Crown and how are we to understand it? Does The Crown have a responsibility to be historically accurate, given that it is a historical drama? Are we gaining a better understanding of the people and the events? Or are we indulging in a high-brow soap opera that