After the pandemic, then what?

Understanding and attempting to get a sense of where things are headed is important to an industry that needs to reflect the mood of society and predict where it’s heading in the future. The Broad’s day job is writing about marketing and media - campaigns, brands, technology, data as

How can creatives get paid?

Being an artist, freelancer or an independent creator gives you plenty of creative and artistic freedom, but what about getting paid? Nothing about being an independent creative is easy, although it’s rewarding and interesting, but it is possible to fund your work yourself. Supporting yourself is possible without a wealthy patron

Is there an age limit to be an emerging artist?

Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

The Broad recently read an article in the local paper about several new art critics who had just been appointed. Now it’s always encouraging to read stories about mainstream media funding arts coverage, particularly in these times of closures and cutbacks across all outlets. Being an art critic, like being

What to read, watch and listen to in June

This month’s round-up of things to watch, read and listen to has a collection suggestions taking inspiration from the last few weeks and the focus on racial injustice, Black Lives Matter protests and what’s currently screening and streaming online. A Note on TV High Fidelity Vintage black coat, Levi’s 501s, pattern shirts and

After this week, what next?

“Protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential to it.”― Howard Zinn Image by Betty Martin from Pixabay The thing about the coronavirus is the way it’s exposing the fault lines in societies ― from our economies, job security and accessibility to technology to health equality,

Celebrating Indigenous stories on screen for Reconciliation Week

Credit Image by jason M from Pixabay In this week’s post, the Broad lets you know about film screenings and even virtual artists markets which are part of with the week-long National Reconciliation Week event that celebrates Indigenous culture and recognises the ongoing project of reconciliation in Australia. Plus, you can

Tuning in to Virtual Film Festivals

Man vacuums red carpet on stairs at Cannes cinema

Image by Hermann Traub from Pixabay While in some parts lockdown and stay home restrictions are easing, it will still be many months before things like the cinema and film festivals are back in full swing. Like many other parts of the arts, and indeed all of society, things have had

What to read, watch and listen to in May

Photo by Karen Zhao on Unsplash And so we find ourselves nearing the half-way mark in 2020, and what a year it’s turning out to be. The blog is also nearing its first birthday, and there will be more on that later, when the Broad will mark the first anniversary of

Take a virtual guided gallery tour

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash This week’s post is a meandering journey through virtual exhibitions, galleries and events available to explore online while we all continue to be in lockdown. Plus there are some other suggestions for podcasts, articles and new music to entertain. In a nod to Slow TV, how

Creative Women at Work: Kate Murdoch

Kate Murdoch

Kate Murdoch Before turning her hand to fiction writing, Kate Murdoch exhibited widely as a painter. Her novels include Stone Circle, a historical fantasy novel set in Renaissance Italy, and The Orange Grove, about the passions and intrigues of court mistresses in 18th century France. Kate spoke with the Broad about writing,