Art-inspired Gift Guide

christmas gift guide

An art-inspired gift guide to bring a little colour, creativity and inspiration to your Christmas gift giving. Can you believe it’s the last month of the year? I think a lot of us will breathe a huge sigh of relief when the curtain closes on 2020. And with such positive developments

NAIDOC Week & First Nations Narratives

NAIDOC Week 2020

NAIDOC Week 2020 is a chance to celebrate First Nations stories in TV, film, books and music. This week is NAIDOC week in Australia. In 2020, this year’s theme 'Always Was, Always Will Be' recognises that First Nations people have occupied and cared for the continent for over 65,000 years. Originally

Tuning in to Virtual Film Festivals

Man vacuums red carpet on stairs at Cannes cinema

While in some parts lockdown and stay home restrictions are easing, it will still be many months before things like the cinema and film festivals are back in full swing. Like many other parts of the arts, and indeed all of society, things have had to change, and fast. To adapt

Take a virtual guided gallery tour

This week’s post is a meandering journey through virtual exhibitions, galleries and events available to explore online while we all continue to be in lockdown. Plus there are some other suggestions for podcasts, articles and new music to entertain. In a nod to Slow TV, how about this single-take, five-hour cinematic

Confinement culture

How many events have you had cancelled in the last few weeks? Probably any number of things you’ve been looking forward to have now vanished from your calendar. The Broad counts the Sydney Writers Festival, Festival of Dangerous Ideas, concerts, book launches and talks among the diary cancellations stretching into

Dead Central Exhibition

One of the more interesting things on in Sydney at the moment has to be the Dead Central exhibition. This wonderful audio-visual experience at the NSW State Library takes you back to the late nineteenth century just before Central Station was built.  What a lot of Sydneysiders probably don’t realise is

Banksy Exhibition

Banksy Love Is In The Air

The Banksy exhibition is currently on in Sydney with 80 artworks, the largest touring collection of the famed street artist's works. Just this week Banksy hit the news over a trademark dispute for merchandise using his artworks. Basically if he doesn't have his own merchandise, he doesn't own the trademark,

The Web is Watching You

Ads that follow you around the web so that bit of online window shopping on your favourite site then stalks you from site to site. Facebook knowing you’re pregnant before you even realise it. Google ads popping up that seem to know what you’re thinking about. The government connected to