3 Scandi films to watch now

If you like a bit of Scandi TV, then the Broad highly recommends delving into some films of the Nordic and Scandi variety. Scandi Noir has been having something of a moment, although it has to be said that its moment has lasted for quite a few years. It was largely

How do we watch The Crown?

The Crown

What is The Crown and how are we to understand it? Does The Crown have a responsibility to be historically accurate, given that it is a historical drama? Are we gaining a better understanding of the people and the events? Or are we indulging in a high-brow soap opera that

Were you raised by TV?

Have you ever felt like the characters in a TV show were more your kind of people than your own family? Have you ever looked to TV parents for wisdom? Have you ever felt drawn to TV shows for company or to help with life's problems? If you’ve answered yes

Is TV fatigue killing TV?

You know that feeling when you embark on a new TV series. New storylines, new characters and the start of a new journey to become involved with. But it’s also the start of a new relationship, and like any relationship it takes commitment - time spent together, engaging in another’s

Cancel culture

Lately it feels like it’s hard to wade into a cultural debate or at least just have a quick scroll on Twitter without finding yourself knee deep in the quagmire that is “cancel culture”. It's been with us for several years but it's had a renewed focus lately. So what is

Celebrating Indigenous stories on screen for Reconciliation Week

Credit Image by jason M from Pixabay In this week’s post, the Broad lets you know about film screenings and even virtual artists markets which are part of with the week-long National Reconciliation Week event that celebrates Indigenous culture and recognises the ongoing project of reconciliation in Australia. Plus, you can

In Praise of Slacker Chicks on Screen

In a week when the brilliant ‘How To Be A Lady’ video, narrated by former Sex and the City actress and New York mayoral candidate, Cynthia Nixon, went viral, this post is celebrating slacker chicks on screen. Why? Because they give the middle finger to plenty of the ‘rules’ about

And the award goes to…

Bat Girl

The Oscar awards in the US this week followed the Bafta awards in London a couple of weeks ago and, amid the dress reviews, speeches, dud jokes and bad comedy routines, there was something else going on. The discussion about diversity, or lack of diversity, in the films and filmmakers

Women War Correspondents on Screen and in Print

Women war correspondents is the theme of this week’s post as the Broad takes a look some films and books on these brave, often trailblazing, women reporting from the front lines. It’s by no means exhaustive - more like a brief tour through the topic in recent popular culture. It’s no

A look at Disney+ and AppleTV+, plus Topic and AcornTV


This week’s post takes a look at the two new kids on the streaming block, Disney+ and Apple TV+, plus film and doco streaming site, Topic, and Brit TV specialist, AcornTV. Wow, that's a whole lot of pluses for one post. Launched in Australia in the last couple of weeks, Disney