What to watch, read and listen to in December

This is the December monthly round-up of TV, film, book and podcast recommendations. With a few weeks until Christmas and everyone busy with all the end-of-year deadlines and arrangements, there’s just a few suggestions this week. Don’t forget the Broad’s art-inspried gift guide if you’re looking for present ideas.

And with that in mind, the Broad will be going into holiday mode in a week or two, which means posts coming out every two weeks and some reminders of TV and books you might have overlooked this year.

A Note on Enlightened TV

The Broad came across Enlightened some years ago on Pay TV and recently noticed it has come to the attention of Guardian writer Brigid Delaney. It’s available in Australia on the Binge streaming platform. The series ran over just two seasons before it was cancelled and features Laura Dern as a wronged woman attempting to fit back into life and work after a breakdown forces her to reassess everything at a retreat.


A Note on new films

If you’re looking for new films, the BBC has put together its round-up for this month that includes Wonder Woman 1984, Nomadland featuring the wonderful Frances McDormand and the Citizen Kane-inspired Mank.


A Note on Secret Australia

In A Secret Australia, eighteen prominent Australians discuss what has been revealed about secret Australia from the WikiLeaks revelations. The greatest ever leak of government documents in history sheds light on the workings of covert, unaccountable and unfettered power in Australia and around the world.


A Note on She Did, You Can Podcast

George McEncroe, the founder of female only ride-share Shebah, and Jo Stanley, who is creating a new radio station, Broad Radio (no relation) discuss starting their own start-ups in this new podcast. Billed as part-mentoring and part-confessional, part-inspiration and part-word of warning, She Did, You Can is for those suffering from feel the fear but start it anyway.

A Note on Nigella

Nigella Lawson rereads David Copperfield to be bowled over by its greatness. The food writer shares her reads habits and dishes on some of her favourite books.

A Note on 2021

What’s in store in 2021? Almost afraid to ask but this LinkedIn news editor has taken the plunge and is willing to put forward 21 of the big ideas that could change our lives next year.

A Note on the Fins

With so many old white men in power around the world, it is refreshing to look to countries with women at the helm – and it’s not just Jacinda. Finland has a coalition government headed by five women and this BBC story looks at Sanna Marin, the feminist finish PM, a year into her tenure.

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