What to watch, read and listen to in November

This month’s round-up of TV, books, podcasts and more includes I Hate Suzie, Fargo, Chan & Dee’s Drink Tank, plus new books A Jealous Tide and On Tyranny, and a new playlist from the Sydney Opera House.

A Note on TV

I Hate Suzie

TV star Suzie Pickles has her phone hacked and intimate photos of her with a man are leaked to the world in I Hate Suzie. While the compromising photos might threaten to dent her image, it’s the discovery that the man in the photo isn’t her husband that push a public embarrassment into a full-blown PR crisis. Written and starring Billie Piper, this series explores monogamy, infidelity, female friendship in the modern context.


The new season of Fargo has arrived, the fourth installment in the TV spin-off of the iconic 1996 Cohen brothers movie. The black comedy crime series is loosely related to the film, and there’s a sprinkling of nods to the original film in each series, although the stories are all quite distinct. Each series takes place in a different time period, with a new story and different characters. This series is set in Kansas City in 1950 and features a Black teenager named Ethelrida and a story about the Irish challenged by a Black gang in the fight for dominance in the city.

A Note on Chan & Dee’s Drink Tank

The Broad brought your attention to this indie series by Broad friend, Louise McCabe, who, together with a group of Australian actresses, has created Chan & Dee’s Drink Tank. Now the full web series launches on YouTube in November. After being run over at a zebra crossing, divorcees Chanel and Dior realise an awful truth -.they are invisible. Being 50, female and fucked off, they decide to create their own TV chat show. But when Chan loses her co-host after the first episode, she is forced to call in favours from her old Kinkytoppers school friends who, as luck would have it, are all keen to be her new Dee. 

If you’re still looking for more inspiration when it comes to having a new TV series to watch, here’s a round-up from the BBC that mentions Girls creator Lena Dunham’s new series, Industry. And US culture site Vulture also has put out its list of the best shows of 2020.

A Note on Books

A Jealous Tide

In her first novel, A Jealous Tide, Australian writer and bookseller Anna McDonald has penned a story about a restless, grieving woman who heads to London to walk the labyrinthine streets of this ancient city and walk its snaking, vein central river. The unnamed author, who studies rivers and oceans, crosses hemispheres in her quiet studious solitude from Melbourne’s Yarra to London’s Thames rivers. Dreaming, thinking and planning, the narrator’s research and dreams intersect in the narrative that reveals a story of a historical tragedy and hints at her own, unrevealed survival.

On Tyranny:  Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century

Historian and academic Timothy Snyder turns his attention to recent history to reconsider some of the events of the twentieth century. He asks what they can offer us to help our understanding and response to the political events of today. As he notes, ‘History does not repeat, but it does instruct’. As democracy was challenged by Fascism, Nazism and totalitarianism last century, he offers us some important object lessons in diagnosing what is happening around us and how we should act to protect democracy against authoritarianism. 

A Note on a New Playlist

The Sydney Opera House has a new music playlist on Spotify, Love List, where artists contribute some of their favourite tracks to create a unique playlist. This one features Australian post-punk outfit Low Lords with an eclectic selection of tracks and their own introduction and thoughts on each song.

A Note on Indigenous Place Names

It’s NAIDOC Week in Australia, which celebrates First Nations people so it seems fitting to include this story about a push to have Indigenous place names included in addresses used by Australia Post. Gomeroi Woman Rachael McPhail wants to see Australians able to include traditional Indigenous place names in addresses and has launched a new campaign.

A Note on Record Store Finds

If you’re a fan of the TV series High Fidelity and like to peruse record stores looking for albums to add to your collection, then you might find some inspiration here. Five record store owners share their classic album picks they think deserve a spot in your collection.

A Note on Banned Books

Still with lists, and this one is the American Library Association’s list of the top 100 books that have been banned or challenged over the last decade which came out to mark banned book’s week.

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